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Which metrics are featured in the TAG Heuer Sports app for a swimming session?

With your TAG Heuer Connected watch, you can record your swimming session using the TAG Heuer Sports app. 

The tracked data are:
Lap: a lap is a one way to the swimming pool. TAG Heuer Connected uses the gyroscope of the watch and a dedicated algorithm to detect when you achieve a lap and when you start a new one in order to measure the distance of your session.

Interval: an interval is a succession of laps achieves by the swimmer without pause. When you press pause and then resume, it starts a new interval. Intervals are useful when you do different exercises during the same session: different strokes for example. On the TAG Heuer Connected app, you can see your interval by clicking on the graph or in the dedicated Interval table. A dedicated screen is available on the watch with on-going data from the interval by turning the crown up. The timer, the laps count, and the distance start from 0 each time you start a new interval.

Stroke: a stroke is a swim cycle done by the arms. TAG Heuer Connected uses the gyroscope of the watch and a dedicated algorithm to detect automatically the number of strokes per lap. It helps you to understand your swim performance.

SWOLF: the SWOLF score per lap is measured by adding the number of strokes and the time to complete the lap. For example, if your lap took 25 seconds, and 15 strokes to complete, your SWOLF score will be 40 (25+15).

Pace: the pace is a measurement of the time it takes to swim a set distance, otherwise how many minutes it takes to swim a mile or a kilometer.

Total distance: the total distance (kilometers or miles) you have swum during your session.

The TAG Heuer Sports app is available for Calibre E3 (2020) and later generations.

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