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What should I avoid in order to keep my watch in perfect order?

Shocks. Although all TAG Heuer watches are tested for impact resistance, you should still avoid violent shocks to your watch. Apart from damaging its appearance, this can cause premature wear in materials and components, which may affect the performance of the watch.
Magnetic fields. Avoid leaving your watch close to equipment that can produce strong magnetic fields such as speakers, refrigerators, mobile phones, or magnets on bags or boxes, etc as these may affect the performance of your watch. We also recommend that you remove your watch when you go through the body scanner at the airport.

To determine whether your mechanical watch is magnetised, place it near a traditional compass (not an electronical one) and see if the needle starts to move around. If it does, your watch is magnetized. In such cases we recommend you take it to your Official TAG Heuer Service Centre, where they will put your watch on a special device to restore it to working condition.
On a quartz watch, the effects are temporary: the watch stops when in contact with the magnetic field, continuing again when away from the field. But effects on an automatic watch are more damaging: the watch could stop altogether or have timekeeping difficulties until it is expertly repaired. Try and keep your watch at least 5cm away from magnetic devices.

Magnetic field of less than 60 Gauss (magnetic field measurement unit) will not affect your watch. Any stronger fields may disturb its performance.

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