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What is the Fitness workout program ? 

Whether you are a beginner, an expert or you want to discover fitness, follow our routine exercise, anywhere and any time with our virtual 7-minute program ! Choose the program in accordance to your needs by observing the progression over time with a personalized experience.

Through your watch, after selecting Fitness in the TAG Heuer Sports app, you will be prompted to choose between 3 choices of exercise:

Quick start: A training allowing you to record your fitness session by having metrics such as the time, calories and heart rate. You can also set a timer on your watch selecting Classic or Intervals.

7-Minute Workouts: Select a guided program with up to 5 rounds designed by a team of sport experts by choosing the part of the body you want to train ; 
  • Full Body: All your body parts
  • Core Body: Abs and lower back
  • Upper Body: Chest, shoulders, arms and upper back
  • Lower Body: Glutes, thighs and calves
  • Beginner: An easy program to work all your body muscles

Advance Workouts: Choose between a Custom Made program conceived by our Ambassadors or create your own workout tailored to your preferences from your TAG Heuer Connected app.

Through your phone, you can also design your own program to Create a Workout; open the TAG Heuer Connected app, select the Sport tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Retrieve your fitness metrics, either in the TAG Heuer Sports app on your watch in the History section, or via your phone on the TAG Heuer Connected app through the Sport tab. 

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