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How do I manage my notifications on my TAG Heuer Connected?

Notifications are switched on by default and appear in chronological order. On your watch face, you’ll see a number in a circle. This tells you how many notifications are waiting for you to view.

On your TAG Heuer Connected, you can:
  • Swipe up to access your notifications
  • Swipe up and down to browse them
  • Tap a notification to view more details
  • Swipe right on a notification to close it

You can also use your watch to quickly disable all notifications:
  • Swipe down on the watch face
  • Tap the Do not disturb icon Do not disturb on Do not disturb on
Or you can also, on the watch:
Go to settings > Apps and notifications > notification previews > Off (Never show)

You can use your Wear OS™ app to disable notifications for each app:
  • Swipe down to Settings
  • Tap Notifications > Change watch notifications, choose form which apps you want to receive notifications

You can use your phone to manage your app notifications too. 

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