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How do I connect My Porsche WearOS app to my TAG Heuer Connected watch?

Here are the different steps and requirements to connect your TAG Heuer Connected watch to your Porsche and benefit from My Porsche WearOS app features :

1. The requirements to enjoy My Porsche WearOS app on TAG Heuer Connected are:
a. A Porsche compatible car
b. A Porsche ID
c. A subscription to Porsche Connect
d. A TAG Heuer Calibre E4 Porsche Edition

2. Then, download “My Porsche WearOS app” on your TAG Heuer Connected Watch via the Playstore
3. Connect your account to the app by following the instructions on the screen
4. Select the car whose data you want to see
5. To display your car information on your watchface, go back to your watchface by pushing the crown.
6. Select a watchface with digital complications, and double tap on a complication to choose one related to the vehicle (available on the top of the list).
7. You can now enjoy your Porsche experience on your TAG Heuer Connected Porsche Edition!

My Porsche WearOS app will be available on the Playstore of all TAG Heuer Connected watches, only the digital complications are exclusive to Porsche Edition.

Please note that in order to use all the features of the My Porsche WearOS app, you need a Porsche ID account. Simply register at and add your Porsche if you own a vehicle. Please note that the range of features of the app may differ depending on the model, model year and country availability, get more information on the Porsche Connect Store or contact our Customer Care.

Link to the Porsche Connect Store :

Link to contact the Customer Care :

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