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How can I use Lens (watchface photo and NFT viewer)?

Lens is the watchface that will allow you to display your photos, NFTs and images from TAG Heuer Gallery. 

To import a new image on your Connected Watch, you need to open TAG Heuer Connected app on your phone. Then, select Lens in your watchface gallery (you can click on any images to open Lens configuration menu). From here, you can select the “+” to add new images. 

You will be able to add images from three sources:
  • From TAG Heuer Gallery, provided by TAG Heuer and that is animated over the time
  • From library, that will open your personal library of your phone, so you can add the pictures of your kids, friends, pets, holidays, and more!
  • From NFT wallet, that will connect your wallet with TAG Heuer Connected app to access and display your NFT. You will discover a beautiful animation on your wrist which acts like a proof of ownership, developed specifically for NFT display. For the moment, Ledger and Metamask wallets can connect with TAG Heuer Connected app.

You can display up to 20 images on your watch. Videos or GIFs are not supported for the moment. You can edit your list of images from the TAG Heuer Connected app by clicking on Edit

Then, you can choose your style between the available options:
  • Floating hands: The triangle shows the hour and the circle the minutes
  • Transparent hands: Traditional watch display, the indexes will take the accent color of the image
  • Digits: Digital display, date in English only
NFT animation is exclusively for NFT images imported from a wallet. 

A shuffle mode is available: it will display the images from your selection randomly every hour. Also, it will display the next image if you tap on your watchface. 

Lens is available only for TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 for the moment. 

If you have a compatible device and you don’t see Lens on your TAG Heuer Connected app or watch, please ensure you have installed the updates of the mobile app and the TAG Heuer Watchfaces app on the watch. 


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